Elevate the

Found below the 85-foot lift of the tower, the welcoming and pedestrian-friendly urban village lets you relax, shop, eat, drink, entertain, or be entertained.

  • 24,000 SF of open space for tenants, neighbors and visitors
  • Direct access to the latest local, regional shops and restaurants
  • Family gathering spaces for the neighborhood

Inspired by

Experience and celebrate the surrounding creative community.

  • Direct access the arts and culture community of Seattle
  • Curated, seasonal pop-ups, events, and entertainment
  • Dedicated creative space for artists and creatives

Best of the Pacific

The Urban Village on First Avenue looking east.

The aerial view of the Urban Village from University St.

A place to meet friends at the end of your day.

A place to pause and connect.

The Neighborhood

The Neighborhood

Explore what's going on in the neighborhoods around 2+U.